Cooler Weather - Time for Hi Vis Sweatshirts

Cooler Weather - Time for Hi Vis Sweatshirts

As the mercury begins to fall and cooler weather sets in, it's time to update the safety gear to handle fluctuating weather conditions. Cue the introduction of high-visibility sweatshirts, affectionately known as hi vis pullovers or safety hoodies. These aren't your average winter sweatshirts, but rather specialized garments designed to ensure both warmth and safety in particularly low-light or high-risk work environments.

Utilizing Vigorous Colors and Reflective Strips

Sampling a hi vis pullover, you'll quickly notice their distinct reflective elements, often utilizing vigorous colors and reflective strips. This combination helps amplify the wearer's visibility, making them easy to spot amidst the chaotic background of a typically bustling work environment.

These safety hoodies are no slouch when it comes to providing warmth either. They're designed with heavier fabric to keep you comfortable and insulated even as the temperature dips.

Hi Vis Pullovers

As safety continues to be a priority in every operation, hi vis pullovers are becoming an increasingly essential part of the winter work attire for individuals in many industries. So, if you find yourself working in low-lit or high-risk areas this winter, remember to keep safe and visible, with a dash of warmth, by donning a hi vis pullover. Your comfort and safety well depend on it. View Reflective Hoodies and Sweatshirts

09.27.23 Safe-Fast

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