The ABCs of Fall Protection

The ABCs of Fall Protection

A typical personal fall arrest system is made up of four necessary components. The ABCDs of Fall Protection is a commonly used abbreviation to remember the following four components.


The anchorage is the secure point of attachment. Anchorage connectors vary by industry, job, type of installation, and structure. It must be able to support the intended loads and provide a sufficient factor of safety.

Body wear

A full body harness is the most common type of body wear. Harnesses distribute fall forces over the upper thighs, pelvis, chest, and shoulders and provide a connection point on the worker for the personal fall arrest system.


A connector, such as a shock-absorbing lanyard or a self-retracting lifeline, connects a worker's harness to the anchorage.


These are devices used to raise or lower a fallen or injured worker to safety or retrieve the worker from a confined space. It is not uncommon for this component to be overlooked.

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