Annual Fall Protection System Inspection and Re-certification

Annual Fall Protection System Inspection and Re-certification

Self Retracting Lifelines Inspection & Repair

Annual fall protection system inspection and re-certification, while a mandated process by OSHA regulations and ANSI standards, goes far beyond the confines of compliance. This critical process is centrally about securing the safety and livelihood of workers whose jobs place them at great heights from the ground.

At Safe-Fast, we understand that your most precious asset is your team; your workers. Our mission is to ensure that every worker is safely equipped when working on elevated platforms, scaffolds, roofs, and suspended surfaces. We recognize that fall protection systems are not one-size-fits-all and each case should be evaluated thoroughly to provide the highest level of safety.

Our industry-leading Fall Protection Gear Inspection and Certification Services in Wisconsin and Minnesota utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and are conducted by trained specialists with deep expertise. These services encompass thorough examination, testing, and certification of lifelines and other fall protection equipment to provide optimal performance.

Inspection Includes:

  • Outer Casing
  • Tighten Nuts Rivets
  • Securely Crimp Cable Ends, Eye & Rubber Stop
  • Entire Length of Cable, Undamaged & Retracts Freely
  • Verify Locking Mechanism Operates Correctly
  • All documentation provided after re-certification

Ensuring continued safety is never a one-time event but a conscientious process. Let Safe-Fast put your mind at ease with our superior fall protection services. Call us today on 1-800-723-3620 and let us be your trusted partner in protecting your most valued assets – your team.

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