Legacy Sorbents offers high-quality sorbents designed to effectively handle spills and keep your workspace clean and safe. Our Heavy Absorbent Pads are specifically designed to quickly absorb and contain liquids, minimizing potential hazards caused by leaks or spills. With a size of 24 x 36 inches and 30 sheets per mat, these pads provide ample coverage and absorbency, ensuring maximum protection for your surfaces. In addition, our Tacky Mat is perfect for controlling dirt and dust in cleanrooms and other controlled environments. It effectively captures particles and prevents them from being tracked into sensitive areas, maintaining the utmost cleanliness and preventing contamination. Our sorbent products are crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Trust Legacy Sorbents to deliver superior quality and performance for all your absorbent needs.

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  • Tacky Mat - 24 x 36 - 30 Sheets-Mat Tacky Mat - 24 x 36 - 30 Sheets-Mat

    Tacky Mat - 24 x 36 - 30 Sheets-Mat

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    The Tacky Mat - 24 x 36 - 30 Sheets effectively removes dirt from shoes and equipment wheels.  Placing this product in traffic areas and main entrances will protect floor and significantly reduce cleaning costs. Prevent dust and dirt from...
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