Dry Lube

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Product Overview

Synthetic-Modified Dry Lube is a transparent, non-staining dry film that cleans, penetrates lubricates and displaces moisture. It is formulated with the latest in synthetic additives to assure maximum penetration and protection against rust and corrosion. When applied, the carrier solvent quickly evaporates, leaving behind a wax-like extreme pressure lubricant which will not wash off or attract dust.

  • NSF reg. no. 127542; H2 rated
  • Thin, transparent, dry film lubricant formulated with the latest synthetic additives
  • Penetrates and lubricates
  • Assures maximum protection against rust and corrosion
  • Dry film resists dust, dirt and oil
  • Non-staining, waterproof and chemical-resistant
  • Aerosol is equipped with extension tube
  1. Recommended Uses: Excellent for bearings and sliding surfaces. Displaces moisture in electrical applications.